Active learning in ecology field-based learning: Teacher's manual


Bianca Carolina Rossi
Secretaria da Educação do Estado de São Paulo - Diretoria de Ensino de Taubaté
Júlio Cesar Voltolini
Universidade de Taubaté
Carlos Yujiro Shigue
Universidade de São Paulo


When we think about education, a teacher comes to mind, a classroom, walls, windows, desks, a closed building. However, what about a school with no walls for a moment? A teaching work with more student participation? Active learning is necessary and can be associated with the scientific method as well, with students developing cognitive and social-emotional skills, working as a team, thinking about questions, hypotheses, collecting their data, and learning to use mathematics in the analysis and improve writing skills to produce a manuscript. This manual presents this idea with information and guidelines for conducting classes within a tropical rainforest and exploring Ecology questions.

Capa para Active learning in ecology field-based learning: Teacher's manual
May 6, 2021

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